Established in 2009, Investigative Training offers the best courses for becoming a Private Investigator, including the State of Florida approved 40-Hour CC Intern PI Course (meets the Florida Division of Licensing requirements F.S 493).

We offer free career counseling for current students and grads. Plus, through our E-Placement program, we notify graduates of hiring agencies in their area.

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Our Most Popular Course: The 40-Hour Florida CC Private Investigator Intern Course

Our course meets the Florida Division of Licensing requirements F.S 493 and combines Course “A” and “B” for 2012 requirement. This is the mandatory pre-license course for Florida’s PI Interns. Cost: $450. Click here for the 40-Hour Florida CC Private Investigator Intern Course catalog.

Investigative Training also offers a variety of other PI courses; click here to learn about them.

I found the CC Intern course to be very student friendly, The additional information I found on the Investigative Training website was very helpful in launching my career as a Private Investigator.


I was so excited to find this CC course online. I’m in the process of changing careers and was happy I was able to do this class at my own pace. Great course, lots of instruction and very user friendly.


When you call for help you get it. Johnston even gave me his cell phone for assistance on weekends. Highly recommended!


Easy to enroll. Johnston spent a lot of time giving me career direction. Passed with flying colors.